The design process at Casey + DeChant Architects is based first on clear communication where we ask our clients the right questions. We then translate our clients' desires into spaces and areas that meet and often exceed their needs, aspirations, and goals.

We desire and maintain the continuation of this conversation every step of the way; because each of our clients’ needs is different, each project has its own unique creative process and course. We will of course draw from our client’s program requirements and their budget; but we will also draw from the land, the existing built environment, the applicable codes and ordinances, and other external influences that will or may have an impact on the design.


At CDA, we believe that quality architectural design is the result of process with a certain degree of inspiration. Toward this end, we always institute a close collaboration between our clients, our design and construction documentation team, our consultant team members, and the appropriate end users. This process enables progressive and timely discoveries and innovative design solutions that are simple and authentic.

As our client, please be assured that we avoid jumping to preconceived notions of what a design might be and wait to learn about what the design should be. We endeavor to solve our clients’ architectural programs directly and efficiently.

Led by architect Lary DeChant, time after time CDA delivers inspired, intelligent and thoughtful designs. We believe the following components are necessary for a successful project:

  • The client's vision for their organization or personal life is reflected in the design.
  • Critical integration of fundamental program, context and user requirements.
  • A circulation system in and to the building that is dynamic, efficient, and functional.
  • Use of an efficient and clear structural system that accommodates the program areas.
  • Use of distinct and sustainable building materials and dynamic lighting solutions.
  • Construction documentation that enables and helps ensure creative craftsmanship and proper use of materials and the latest appropriate technology.


Our goal at CDA is for all of our projects to maximize the financial returns of our clients’ investments while maintaining a high caliber of design, construction documentation, and construction administration services. We believe that excellence in design goes hand-in-hand with sound and fair construction administration and cost control to meet our clients’ financial expectations. We believe that both our fees, and the design decisions that ultimately lead to the final construction budget, should be in line with our clients’ expectations. We strive to assure the financial and programmatic success of each project through this integrated and thoughtful approach.