Project: Lighthouse Christian Center Youth and Community Center
Location: Puyallup, Washington
Client: Lighthouse Christian Center
Scope: Site Design and Proposal
Completed: 2008

As part of an expansion project, Lighthouse Christian Center wished to create a new Youth and Community Center and expand their site parking facilities. However, to do this, the Church required a Conditional Use Permit and to be vested under Pierce County’s 2007 Storm Water Management Plan. This site is also in the City of Puyallup annexation area which makes vesting even more important.

CDA held several meetings with Pierce County staff to determine the best ways to obtain our vesting. The zoning of this neighborhood will require the new parking west of 80th Street to be bound legally to the church’s existing property.

Preliminary Programming and Schematic Design were completed to be able to form the basic size and shape of the new building to present to the County for the CUP process.