Project: Gas Lamp Terrace
Location: Tacoma, Washington
Client: O'Connor & Associates
Completed: 2005

This 21 unit townhome infill development is located near downtown Tacoma and is part of a neighborhood-wide revitalization effort. The units were poised to take advantage of the views of the Port of Tacoma and Puyallup Valley. Each unit has a garage that is accessed from the existing alley. The site slopes sharply, which allows the garages to be neatly tucked under or behind the units themselves and out of view from the street.

The street facades embody the look of the existing homes in the neighborhood. A variety of colors and materials were used to provide a less monolithic scale to the development and feel more like individual, separated buildings.  The development has helped to bring new life to the once neglected neighborhood and has helped to turn it into a pleasant place to live.